SS18 reminiscence

A collection of soft handloom cottons, signature natural dye prints and feminine silhouettes, the collection is inspired by memories and the feelings we attach to our memories, whether negative or positive.

The concept for the SS18 collection draws inspiration from my own childhood memory of growing up with grandparents who worked as cane growers. From riding around on tractors with my grandfather to drinking tea with my grandmother, the collection is inspired by their life and what they built together.

Soft floating silhouettes juxtaposed against the masculinity of the cane farm; a location that is both dear to Ashleigh and her grandparents, a place that might not be around for too much longer and will become only a memory of what was before. 

memories are gifts
from moments past
positive or negative
the desire to return
singing soft lullabies
of laughter and smiles
or a heavy heart
filled with sorrow
masculine and feminine
the energies intertwine
your being takes shape
over and over again

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