Our Mission

The ash white Mission.


ash white seeks to improve the lives of garment makers and artisan communities in developing countries through connection and positive strategy. The ash white mission is to educate future generations as to why we need to be conscious of our humanistic and environmental impact and we endeavour to create a positive outcome for all through considered design and respectful action. 

We delve into each aspect of our business strategy as we are committed to be honest in our progress toward an overall positive outcome. If you have any further questions please email hello@ashwhite.com.au and we will endeavour to answer your queries as best as we can.


Our Commitments.


 Quality not Quantity.

All ash white garments are made to the best of our makers ability; this means that ash white upholds high standards of making and we exercise training with our makers in areas they need assistance, however we are human and there is beauty in our humanistic process. We align with our factories and our makers and we monitor the entire development cycle. We don't demand perfection; as we are all human and we all work together in creating beautiful products.




We believe in openly sharing information about our business and operations and we share this information in the most honest way possible. We believe in caring for and respecting all people in our supply chain, from makers to our artisan communities and we consciously work with groups and businesses who share the same values as we do. We also aim to be transparent with how our business decisions affect the environment and we make a conscious effect to choose the least harmful process within our business scope. As we grow, we intend to uphold our founding values of honesty, longevity and respect and to use our growth to have an even greater impact on our industry, in a positive way. 



Fair Trade.

We hold all our business relationships close, our makers, our artisans and our customers. We are all equal parts of this business and each decision is made with all our needs taken into consideration. We work with offshore artisans and makers, who do not always receive the support they require and I travel to visit them when I can to ensure their needs are being met.

Having, once lived in Sri Lanka and travelled to India many times, I have a genuine connection with all the people involved in the ash white business and the end goal is to live and work with the artisans and makers on ad day-to-day basis. Working with makers and artisans on designs is my most favourite part of this process and I love sharing their stories with you, my customers, as connection is an integral part of the ash white mission.

Even though there is sometimes a language barrier when we work together, the end goal is always achieved; our makers feel respected and are committed to doing their best work. We are so proud to be contributing to our wonderful community, both in Australia, India and Sri Lanka and providing work to small, often family owned businesses working in an industry they love. Not only are we supporting them, we aim to help them prosper into the future with skills they can use to build a future they want for themselves.

To learn more about each of our Makers, please visit our blog, Our Makers.



Sustainable Design.

With all our decisions we consciously choose sustainability, whether this is with our fabric choice for designs, where we source our raw materials from or the carbon footprint we leave behind throughout the process. Sustainability is at the forefront of our minds and we choose wisely when it comes to production as we want to continually create good design that is also good for our planet.

We are constantly learning and growing in this field and we make decisions based on the outcomes of those decisions. We progress toward our over-arching mission; we learn as we grow and ash white is committed to continuous evolution. We do the best we can with our access to resources and we are transparent in our progress.

ash white considers climate change, skills development of makers, fabric choices, packaging and freight when we develop our creations and we are committed to continuous evolution toward a better resolution for all.





A major component to choosing sustainable practices and creating a regenerative business is our fabric choices. Selecting our raw materials is a very careful and considered part of our research and development process as we all know that textile production can be very damaging to our beautiful planet and it's people. We carefully select organically grown fabrics when we can and if not, we opt for the most sustainable option for us at the time. We look to independent certifications such as Global Recycled Standard (GRS) and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) to guide our decision making.


As most of our fabrics are woven by hand by artisan groups in India, we need to be able to source organic yarn for this process to ensure it holds true to our values, however the minimum order value for organic yarn is very large and sometimes out of reach for our small business. We have good relationships with our suppliers that we can sometimes order with other people placing orders at the same time. However, this is not always available to us and we do the best with can with what we have access to.

Learn more about the fabric types we use, here.




At ash white, we will continue to challenge 'normal'  industry practices to ensure that they align with our values. We are not perfect, however we do the best we can with our business in the stage it is in. This is why we made the decision to change to biodegradable bags for our postage satchels and also suggested to our manufacturers that they switch to biodegradable bags in production. We now use better packaging co to ship our ash white products to customers and we use paper tape and cardboard boxes for all our internal operations. We keep our waste to a minimum and we are always streamlining our systems to be more proactive in sustainability.



Climate Change.

We are acutely aware that the global climate is changing and we must lower our impact on the planet to limit global warming from destroying our planet and ourselves. We are on a mission to make ash white carbon neutral, which indicates that our Carbon Dioxide emissions equals the number of carbon credits used to offset the emissions. A business that calculates how much Carbon Dioxide (CO2) it emits and then buys the equivalent number of carbon credits to offset their emissions is said to be Carbon Neutral. Sometimes also called Carbon Zero and Climate Neutral.



Progress not Perfection.

We are a small player in the larger Fashion System, yet we are proud of our progress toward a more positive future. We want to take this moment and say that we are no where near perfect, yet we are passionately driven to bring about change. We are designing for the future we wish to see and be part of and our hope if that we join forces with others with this same commitment to a fairer and more sustainable future and collectively positive change happens. We have many goals yet to achieve and many challenges we need to find solutions for, however this is our commitment to continually progress forward, positively and we want to take you, our customer, on this journey with us.