Loved Clothes Last

We want our unique pieces to be loved and cherished, and in your wardrobe forever. It is our commitment to be transparent in our processes and to create a positive opportunity in the fashion world.

Today, we live in a world where clothing is considered disposable and unfortunately the majority of our world share this fast-paced disposable lifestyle. At ash white we are committed to slowing down this process and being considerate in our design process to ensure we are creating a positive effect on the environment and our community of makers and artisans in India and Sri Lanka.

As much as we love exploring new recycled or sustainable fabrics which are created by hand, we know that ultimately the most sustainable practice is to extend the life of the clothes you already have.

Between 2000 and 2014, clothing production doubled and it is only increasing as mass production continues to grow. At ash white we are committed to creating unique pieces which are both considered and considerate; to our world and it's people. Our learning is never over and we are continually progressing toward more sustainable practices within ash white.

We love to share our knowledge and we want to provide as much support as possible throughout your fashionable journey; from learning who made your ash white pieces through to how to best care for your clothes. We want you to feel empowered to make a positive impact in your fashionable lives. 



How To Clean Your Clothes.

In order to lengthen the life of your clothes and keep them in your wardrobe forever we have some helpful tips to help you care for them.

Did you know that much of the wear and tear our garments face is due to excessive washing? Over washing your garments takes it toll on the lifespan of your garments (especially if not laundered correctly) and contributes to 25% of the garments carbon footprint. Also, did you know that dry cleaning clothes involves nasty chemicals such as perchloroethylene solvent, which is very harsh on both our clothes and the environment? 

We have some tips for you and how to clean your clothes in a more sustainable manner so you get to love them for a lot longer. The most simple tip to not over-washing is to air out your clothes in the sunshine. The sun is a natural anti-bacterial and if you do this often, you won't need to wash your clothing as frequently. The old sniff test is a good way to know whether your clothing really needs to be washed. A lot of the time we can wear our pieces multiple times without them needing to be washed.

Spot cleaning is another option if your garment is still wearable for another few days without entering the washing machine. When you do wash your clothes, use an eco-water cycle to minimise water waste and avoid using the tumble dryer as the heat is damaging to the fibres in your clothing and consumes a lot of energy in the process. 

Always choose a chemical free washing powder, or a simple home-made powder for cleaning clothes is 1 cup of bi-carb soda, 1 cup of grated natural soap & a few drops of eucalyptus or lavender essential oil.