ash white is a fashion and lifestyle brand born out of the desire to support artisan communities in developing countries.

Through considered, handcrafted design and honest connection ash white is a positive force in pioneering a new luxury.


honesty, longevity, respect


ash white preserves traditional craft and empowers the maker.

Each collection draws inspiration from culture and each element is considered.

The aim is to build long lasting relationships with our makers and positively impact their lives.


 each stitch holds a story


 Through storytelling ash white builds a connection between the maker, the wearer and the garment.

 'each garment holds a story,

look closely at the yarn

and the seams

and trace each stitch

back to hands like your own'



our mission

ash white seeks to improve the lives of garment makers and artisan communities in developing countries through connection and positive strategy. The ash white mission is to educate future generations as to why we need to be conscious of our humanistic and environmental impact and we endeavour to create a positive outcome for all through considered design and respectful action. 



After many years of searching for a balance between design and humanitarian work, I felt motivated to create my own opportunity to bring positive change.

The idea for ash white was first discussed while travelling on a bus in Goa, India in 2011. I was travelling on behalf of my employer from Sri Lanka and during a conversation with a fellow passenger, I began to describe my true desire of working with rural communities. The hour-long conversation ended with “Ash, I can’t wait to see what you come up with”.

That conversation happened 6 years ago. Now in 2017, I feel I am ready to embrace all that is ash white and begin creating exquisite designs to inspire change.

The journey in ethical fashion really began in 2010 for me. After working a season in the yachting industry for some of the world’s wealthiest people, my heart led me to Sri Lanka where I began a twelve month mentoring and design contract with a local manufacturing facility.

My time in Sri Lanka is when I started to question the larger fashion system and felt compelled to start my own ethical journey. The brand ash white is merely an extension of my personal beliefs and my way of bringing about positive change in the fashion world.

The ash white story is only beginning and I hope it grows into something bigger than planned.

Walking through the lines of sewing machines,
seeing 2500 dark eyes staring back at me,
I smile.
And instantly their demeanour changed.
I share the same respect for them,
as I do everyone else I interact with.
We are human and we deserve respect,
no matter what our circumstance.