meet our makers

ash white empowers the maker and positively supports their livelihood.

consciously building relationships with everyone involved in the development process.

honesty, longevity, respect

‘each garment holds a story,

look closely at the yarn

and the seams

and trace each stitch

back to hands like your own’

Ansar Ahmed Ansari

pattern maker

Name: Ansar Ahmed Ansari

Age: 30 yrs

Home Town: Uttar Pradesh

Resides: Kurla in Mumbai

Education: Studied until X Standard

From the age of 16 years Ansar began learning how to operate sewing machines under the guidance of his father. From straight lockstitch sewing to button machines he quickly learnt how to construct a variety of garments and wanted to expand his skill set to pursue more fruitful opportunities.
He undertook a course in pattern making and relocated to Mumbai in 2015 for better employment opportunities in pattern making.
Ansar enjoys living in Mumbai and is married with one child. He is the support system for his family and parents and has immense pride in his work. Ansar finds ash white garments to be challenging yet rewarding and often mentors his fellow colleagues in constructing garments.

Mohomed Naushad Alam


Name: Mohomed Naushad Alam

Age: 20 years

Home Town: Bihar

Resides: Kurla in Mumbai

Education: Studied until VII Standard

Naushad is the cheeky young buck of the team and has been stitching since 17 years of age.
Before joining the factory in Mumbai he worked in Delhi for 8 months at a Salwar Suit Factory.
He is finding ash white garments interesting and challenging and feels proud to be stitching garments which will be sold in Australia and the world.

Alka Dinesh Padtare


Name: Alka Dinesh Padtare

Age: 40 years

Home Town: Mahahrashtra

Resides :Halau Pool Kurla, Mumbai

Education: Studied until IV Standard

Alka is a shy woman who takes a lot of responsibility for ash white production. Her past job was in cable manufacturing and she is married with a daughter who is now studying. Alka was especially happy to join the Eurostyles family as she use to do needlework with her mother when she was young.
Alka felt excited to see foreigners coming to the factory and was especially pleased when Ash asked to have a photo with her. Her hopes are to learn how to work the specialised machines such as the overlock and kaj (button) machine.

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