Our People.

Our People.

By Ashleigh White

Our People.

Made with love in India.

Our main business focus is to support artisan communities and help preserve heritage skills which are dying out with mass production. We are committed to making every garment in India and Sri Lanka in the most sustainable way possible. All our production processes happen offshore and our design and pattern making is done here in Australia by Ash White and her talented friends.


We are proud to work either directly with our artisans and through manufacturing facilities which are GOTS certified and who hold the same values as our brand. We support our chosen communities through continued work, so the more we sell, the bigger impact we can have on their livelihoods and to help build infrastructure which is beneficial to them and their families.

At ash white we have pledged to help support these artisan communities and our makers in India who make our clothing. Success for us is always measured by the positive impact we can have on our artisans and makers and the businesses we align with.  We are passionate about preserving the heritage skills of the communities and fostering the next generation of skilled artisans and makers.

We know that progress is better than perfection and we are committed to sustaining our communities and doing positive business with all involved.

To learn more about our makers please read their stories here. We love to get to know our makers and artisans on a personal level, and despite the broken conversations, the smiles are plenty when we have the opportunity to work side-by-side.