Meet the Maker | Mehboob Khan Pathan

Meet the Maker | Mehboob Khan Pathan

By Ashleigh White

Meet the Maker | Mehboob Khan Pathan


Name: Mehboob Khan Pathan

Job Role: Master Tailor

Age: 44 years

Home Town: Ahmedabad

Resides: Ahmedabad

Education: Studied until 10th Standard

Mehboob is the most experienced and advanced tailor we work with and he learnt all of his skills on his own. He experienced trouble trying to find someone to teach him the skill of tailoring and sewing so he decided to start learning on his own.

He was born in Ahmedabad and is the most advanced tailor at the factory, and is often helping the other tailors understand the complexities of garments such as jackets. He has a mischievous smile and his hand pleating is absolutely divine.


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