Meet the Maker | Yussuf Khan Pathan

Meet the Maker | Yussuf Khan Pathan

By Ashleigh White

Meet the Maker | Yussuf Khan Pathan


Name: Yussuf Khan Pathan

Job Role: Master Pattern Maker

Age: 38 years

Home Town: Ahmedabad

Resides: Ahmedabad

Education: Studied until 10th Standard

Yussuf is the master pattern maker at Indigenous Apparels. Most refer to him as Master and he is often caught with a pencil behind his ear and a concentration face as he works away at drafting patterns and instructing the tailors how to sew the pattern together.

He was born in Ahmedabad and learnt master tailoring at a local school. He is constantly learning and asking questions on fit and finishing requirements to ensure all ash white products are made to the highest degree. He is a joy to be around and brings a wealth of construction knowledge to the team.


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