Concept to Creation | Reminiscence Collection

Concept to Creation | Reminiscence Collection

By Ashleigh White

Concept to Creation | Reminiscence Collection

An entire year has passed from the time I awkwardly showed a friend a mood board and a few rough clothing sketches to the time the DHL box arrived on my doorstep filled with 250 garments that I have poured my heart and soul into.

Wow, what a year it has been.

The lessons learned have been plenty and the challenges in giving an idea form bring a level of appreciation when it all comes together. The work is hard, there is no denying that, ask anyone who has started something from the ground up and they will agree. However, on those days you get a moment to stop and reflect and you see all your designs hanging on that rack by your computer, you feel a great sense of purpose and relief you didn’t die from exhaustion!

It has been 12 months in the making and with all the late nights, frustrations, anxiety and fear that has popped up along the way, there are glimmers of light and excitement also. Those little tid bits of light are what keeps the dream alive, it is what drives you forward. It is the burning ember that reminds you to not give up.

Life isn’t perfect, design isn’t perfect, ash white isn’t perfect. The essence of ash white is balance, the interplay of masculinity and feminitiy, of light and dark and positive and negative. It is the combination, the evolution and the stories that connect us all; to each other, to ourselves and to our world. (told you I was a deep person – ha)

ash white products are not just products, they are stories, and these stories are to share. The debut collection for ash white started with the a few sketches, a mood board and a plane ticket to India.

It is fascinating to me how an idea takes shape and how products evolve throughout the production phase. There are things that are always out of your control when the idea starts to take shape, however it is the exact same things that build the story, the stories which are the essence of ash white and the stories which are needed to build connection.

We are humans after all and humans need connection.

~ Ash x


















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