Duality Collection

Duality Collection

By Ashleigh White

Duality Collection

A collection of everyday tailored pieces, Duality is based on the masculine and feminine energies we hold within ourselves and the interplay of these energies in ourselves and our environment.

The concept for this trans-seasonal collection draws inspiration from my 97 year-old Grandmother, who raised 8 children one her own after her husband was killed in an accident. Janet White, (my Nan) became both the mother and father of the family and possessed both feminine and masculine energies. She is a pillar of strength and is someone I hold dear to my heart. Each piece in this collection is named after my Grandparents and their mother or father. For me, knowing stories of my family history enriches my character and the type of being I am.

Structured pieces of linen and a signature handwoven cotton, take form in wearable pieces for everyday inspired by the past and silhouettes my relatives wore everyday of their lives.

life happens in waves,
dualities, defined as;
happy and sad,
male and female.
blur the definitions,
blue your perspective.
learning through experience,
growing through pain.
balancing our energies,
balancing our life.

~ ash white



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