#ashwhitestories | Sylwia Dolores

#ashwhitestories | Sylwia Dolores

By Ashleigh White

#ashwhitestories | Sylwia Dolores

Sylwia and I met through Instagram when she confessed she was a lover of the ash white brand and she fell head over heels for our signature sage cotton check.

Sylwia is a fashion blogger in London and originally is from Poland. Her style is refined and classic and she is building a loyal social following through her channels. 

Perhaps one day I will get to meet all these wonderful people I am meeting electronically, it will be so surreal if it eventually happens. Let's see what the future holds shall we.

Ash x

Full Name.

Sylwia Dolores 



Currently Residing.




Favourite Colour/s.

All shades of beige, black, white and red.

Favourite Book.

“Lolita” Nabokov 

Work / Creative Outlet / Expression.

Fashion blogger.

What does ethical fashion mean for you?

Ethical fashion mean for me passion and respect for the environment and people.

What are some of your core values?

Loyalty, self-respect, creativity, passion for life.

How do you relax after a long day?

Chill out at home with good book and film, of course with glass of wine!

Favourite food/beverage/dessert.

Sushi, pizza, seafood and tiramisu for dessert.

Early bird or night owl?

Night owl!

One thing you’d like to do in your lifetime?

Journey around the world.

For me, Human connection is...

Human connection for me is having compassion, empathy, building relationships and making memories!










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